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Former Happy/Satisfied/Grateful Client

Catrina is great, she was available when needed and responded to calls and emails timely. Catrina is extremely knowledgeable; a spitfire when she needed to be and really applied herself to ensuring my case was being handled fairly. I would definitely recommend her to friends and family and would hire her again in the future if needed.  Diana

Friend Of the Court

Catrina recently represented me in a Child Custody hearing at the FOC, and I hired her based on the positive reviews I found on this site. So I want to thank the other people who posted reviews because Catrina was awesome. The reply she filed to the complaint my Ex-wife submitted was exceptional, furthermore Catrina was thoroughly prepared and well represented my interests during oral arguments in court. We won the case and I largely credit Catrina for that, a Great Attorney! Brian

The Best Lawyer

After hiring Catrina, I had peace of mind, having many questions she would always say no worries "I will take care of that", and she did. She never left anything unturned, she is completely confident and straight forward, I highly recommend Catrina If you are looking for the best. Remember to ask your self if you want a lawyer who is passive or aggressive, if aggressive call Catrina.  Greg

strength and support in my time of need

I had hired Catrina Farrugia to help me through one of the lowest times of my life. I truly had no idea how I was going to move on again. There was so much coming at me all at once and then my legal issues to stress and worry about! I couldn't have been more happy, with hiring her. She was truly amazing. She not only talked the whole process through with me guiding me and fighting for me each step of the way. The results she said would happen, actually happened the way she said they would. She didn't give me a bunch of false hope or expectations. She made our points our wants and our wishes known and she stood up and fought for them. To which she was straight forward and to the point. She also helped calm me through it all which was not an easy task. She never judged me or made me feel in anyway terrible or worthless. I never felt I had to wonder or worry how things were going to be she had the knowledge and experience behind her to know the next steps the next process and basically the different ways the outcome could go. In the end the outcome was the best we could have wanted and I was able to move on with my life again! Wendy

An Attorney You Trust

Catrina has been my family lawyer as well as representation for a couple criminal cases for the last 7 years. I wouldn't recommend any other attorney. She is completely straight forward and very honest. She doesn't attempt to feed you unrealistic nonsense to obtain your business but is incredibly honest with realistic expectations and potential outcomes. She also handles a lot of her calls directly and doesn't leave her assistant to put you in the calendar for days ahead of time and she responds to emails promptly; this part was huge for me because I didn't feel brushed off, I feel like she takes my life matters seriously and I'm not just a slot time in her calendar and any stress or anxiety over questions or concerns is quickly eased. She is always very thorough in her research and her performance in front of the judge is incredible. I've watched many attorneys fumble for words which can make or break a case which Catrina does not do. I know whenever I enter a court room with her representing me, I am in good hands.  Anonymous

Outstanding and Aggressive!!

Catrina has represented me for the last 3.5 years for all of my child custody matters and will continue to be my attorney indefinitely for anything. Every time we have been to court, she has been absolutely FLAWLESS and Aggressive to obtain the results that were in the best interest of my daughter and myself. She is EXTREMELY knowledgeable, professional and prompt. Catrina has always been straight forward and honest with me, always keeping me current with the status of our case. She always educated me on the "why," "how," etc., making sure I knew what was going on and all the possible outcomes. She is beyond thorough with her research and data collection. Her presentation in front of the judge has always been so impressive, not missing any shred of important piece of information and speaking clearly and confidently. She is confident and strong in the courtroom, providing me with a sense of relief, knowing that I am in good hands. I wouldn't want anyone else representing me in any of my family court matters.  Anonymous


Catrina is AMAZING! I had hired her 24 hours prior to our 1st court appearance and she was professional, knowledgeable, organized and to the point. She immediately found things in my case that my previous lawyer had missed. Our 2nd court appearance was one week after the first and once again she was flawless!! I am so grateful to have Catrina Farrugia representing me. She has the perfect balance of professionalism and heart. Communication and follow up is outstanding! I just cant say enough! I wish I had met her years ago!! Sandy


Very Professional. Felt comfortable working with Catrina through personal matters. I knew ahead of time positive and negative possibilities that could result from the divorce process.  Anonymous